cluster single cover mockup.png


Hey Galaxy fam!!!! We are raising money to start the musical movement of fun, balance, and strategic creativity to further the Kingdom Star cause: "who you are, where you are, for His glory". 


Our first song release is "Cluster", performed by Joy "Jahbee" Warren, produced by Jeremy Smith, written by Joy "Jahbee" Warren, Olawole Zaccheus, Joilyah Hamilton, and Risa Pearl . 


"Cluster" is a Hip-Hop, party anthem, which expresses a mixture of adult fun and childlike fun, strategically glorifying balance - something that this generation lacks. Our intended demographic is 18-34. We hope to meet culture at the celebratory level, while bringing grace to this concept with a music video promoting wholesome images of living life to the fullest with friends and family.


"Cluster" will be available for download and streaming on Joy's birthday (12/19), and the video will be filmed at the birthday skating party at Sparkles Family Fun Center in Smyrna, GA, with an expected release of January 2023. 

"Cluster" will be on all major music platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, Amazon Music, Deezer, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube Content ID. The full video will be available for viewing on and "JahbeeTV", Joy's YouTube channel.


In order to achieve this massive undertaking, we are enlisting volunteers, corporate sponsorships, and the generous donations of our Galaxy supporters. This will be a professional, high quality single and video release involving many roles such as, mixing engineers, videographer, photographer, makeup artist, hairstylist, venues, equipment rentals, filing fees, radio fees, distribution fees, marketing, design, merchandise, caterers, and more. To meet these challenges, we’ve set a goal of $2,500 in donations.



With your help, Kingdom Star Group can reach this goal and continue the work we’ve set out to do with this innovative campaign. This will position us to create momentum leading out of 2022 into 2023, with which we can double our digital footprint within the first three months of 2023. {1.5K followers on Instagram; 4K on TikTok}. Throughout 2023, we will continue releasing new music, building the brand, attracting more artists and contributors to the cause, and creating consistent Kingdom Star content. 


We are focused, prepared, and extremely excited to step into this new era of innovation and creativity! Thank you for your help. Every donation makes a difference.