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Goodbye May, Hello June: Reflections on My Personal Challenge


And just like that, May has come and gone.

Some of you saw my FB Live (right after the BET commercials) about my intention during May to consistently do six things: journal, post, meditate/affirmations, love and be loved, exercise, and practice (voice, instrument, or writing). There were soaring highs and drooping lows emotionally and productively. I formed new habits and they have helped TREMENDOUSLY, however small they may be! Ugh there was so much that was revealed and confirmed even as far as being in line with what God was/is doing according to the Jewish calendar, Although, I did not get to all six of my items each of the 31 days last month, I did get to most of them. Honestly, I was feeling like a loser when I fell short, but that's not how I feel anymore. This is because the entire process I found the Lord redefining what progress looked like and teaching me to measure it how he does.

I finally just accepted God's delight in my efforts to be intentional.

No matter how hard I thought 'Ugh, I still didn't do such and such..", He would unexpectedly remind me of the things I had done and how proud he was of that progress. One night while cooking I heard from within my spirit:

"Celebrate small victories... Small victories lead to big victories."

EUREKA! Of course! This makes perfect sense.

Doesn't the Bible also say not to despise small beginnings (Zecharaiah 4:10), "..for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin." Of course I should CELEBRATE a small victory, for that is simply the verse stated positively, rather than negatively.

"Do not despise..." vs. "Celebrate"

In other words, the Lord redirected my approach and response to the small. Instead of reminding me to stop doing something, He showed me what I should start doing.

And that is celebrating. every. single. win. No matter the size!

For not only does He rejoice in each isolated moment of these steps being taken, but when I do this, the victories will continue and get bigger in size.


I want to thank my "May" tribe: Chantel, LaToya, Laura, Yvette and Kendra (both not pictured here) for coming alongside me in our private FB group where we challenged, comforted, and pushed each other to dig deeper by the end of May.

[S/N: Sadly, I had a brief moment of perceiving the challenge a failure because there were so few people involved..........I was quickly Holy Ghost b****-slapped. Nooice.😇]

These ladies and I wrote lists of intention, (mostly) daily check-ins, and even a 5-Day Bible plan called "Finisher" on the last days of the month. It wasn't all cupcakes and rainbows, but we did it TOGETHER. The results of personal hope, childhood breakthroughs, wisdom, peace, and insight that came from every one was the highlight of this experience. We concluded our journey with a Zoom call regroup (on the last day of Pentecost or Shavout) and prayer to close it out. I was even somewhat sad that the challenge had ended.

I'm currently praying about whether to do another e-gathering like this where we all come together around something and just run for a span of time. The community is invaluable! I'm sure the work around this topic is not yet finished in me, as 31 days is not enough to undo years of wrong thinking. I am still uprooting and rebuilding on truth, and I plan to continue doing so, one step at a time.

Hopefully with a little help from my friends <3 *cue Joe Cocker*


1) Make your mind a happier place if you're always "stuck" in there.

2) Your progress is a part of someone else's progress. It's worth it to keep going.

3) Celebrate small victories. Small victories lead to big victories.

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