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It's the last month of the year, my last time fasting. This has honestly been a great challenge, ya'll. Being consistent and doing what you say you will do when no one is looking is a challenge. I guess I can say I've been about 65% successful with sticking to my guns all twelve months (with the exception of this one since it's a couple days away).

Nonetheless, I'm very proud of the success I did achieve in being faithful to my word. What's more, I have seen significant growth in my life since I started in January. I've become more focused, more sensitive to God's voice/leading... I think there is so much more to unearth, so I'm preparing to do the same thing for 2022. But I want to take it to another level...

One of the things God instituted during the high holydays was elaborate feasts. The Jews celebrated God's goodness, protection, and provision over their nation. I really feel like there is something to that. Therefore, I want to have a fancy catered dinner party on all the super fast days of 2022. It would be very exclusive -- like 15-20 people max each time. This would be a full spread of incredible food, fruit, charcuterie, wine, music, vision casting, and leaning in to hear what the Lord would say for the month. I'm talking grown, sexy, swaggy, and dripping with God's presence :)

Just casting my vision here.

Anyway, Tevet is this Sunday, December 5th. I'm ready to close this thing out right. <3

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