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"They Reach Me"

I spent some time in worship this morning (played a Mav City video called "None Like You"- shoutout to my fellow choir membs🥰) and then got on the piano to play and sing along with the video.

QUICK S/N: I AM NO PIANO PLAYER! But years ago, I picked up the acoustic guitar and the keyboard and started trying to play. Of course, you're a musician, that makes sense. Well, no that wasn't the reason. Believe it or not, the only reason I started to play was because I felt like my singing voice was no longer enough to express how deeply I love God. I'm literally tearing up now as I write this, that's how serious it is. I cannot fully explain this but just know ya girl is STRUGGLING AF to play this piano I just bought! So when I actually do sit down to play it, I deal with an inner voice telling me how terrible I sound and to just give up. Nevertheless, I sometimes use instruments when I entertain God's presence.

After playing, singing, and crying a little, I sat on the couch and said within myself 'I'm just gonna wait to see what you say to me.' I closed my eyes, centered my thoughts in what I was feeling in the moment and soon after I saw an image in my mind's eye or "third eye". I could see a large field with green grass and flowers on a beautiful sunny day.

[This is an image I often see when I go in the spirit to see. That was very redundant.]

No sooner than I saw that, I saw what seemed like an unending gigantic tree bark VIOLENTLY break through the ground at lightning speed headed toward the sky. It did not stop moving towards the sky. It was constantly in motion, at an incredibly fast speed. [Think of Jack and the Beanstalk]

At that moment I heard in my spirit, 'They reach me."

Then the Lord started reminding me that prayers are like memorials, and tears are prayers. That every act, every thought, every little movement of our hearts towards him, THEY ALL CARRY WEIGHT IN HEAVEN. Not only do they carry weight, but they REACH HIM. And they do so QUICKLY, and VIOLENTLY.

In short, God is moved by our love for him, however weak, however strong it may be. So I sat down with the chords from the aforementioned song and began to sing out what I heard. It's not the best sounding video from a musical standpoint, but it is from my heart, and most importantly, from the heart of our easily love-affected, overly attentive, surprisingly eager Father in Heaven who wants to dig grooves of certainty in our heart that we can trust in His otherworldly love for us.

Wherever you find yourself today, be it low or high... all it takes is one small act of love (faith) to move Him, or to connect with Him. If you've been crying a lot in private, whether just from the sheer pain you've been in, or you've been laboring in prayer; if you've been doing small things because your heart is after him, but demons are whispering into your thoughts that it isn't good enough and it doesn't make a difference because God won't hear you -- LIES AF!!!!!! He's always paying attention! And if the sentiment alone is not enough for you...

"Since we have this confidence, we can also have great boldness before him, for it we ask anything agreeable to his will, he will hear us. And if we know that he hears us in whatever we ask, we also know that we have obtained the requests we ask of him."
-1 John 514-15 TPT



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