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New Year Reflections

As I look back over where I was last year (mentally, emotionally) compared to where I am now.....I am literally astounded!!!!! If you recall, my post last new year was titled "Timeout 2017". In it, I helplessly described how I had no motivation, felt hopeless regarding my future, loneliness and frustration with my singleness, and was even unwilling to be encouraged.

In short, s*** got real!

And now, less than one year later, I stand here having spent the majority of 2017 touring around the U.S., having gone back to TWO schools, having found my "tribe", having started my own residency, and prepping to go to TWO new countries within the next two months: Germany, and the United Kingdom!


That is mind-blowing to me! I seriously cannot explain in human terms how different I feel now versus then. I am so grateful! And God has already begun to speak about where I should set my sights for 2018, and it is BIG!!!

My dreams have been reborn!

My heart has been reborn!

My perspective on God, His church, myself, my relationships, my future...ALL HAS BEEN REDEEMED!

I have never felt more confident as a woman, an artist, a businesswoman, and as a daughter of God. And I hope this gives you hope as well. Literally NOTHING has to be your lot unless you close your heart! God can turn anything around, if you just get vulnerable and starting having some real conversations with Him; it takes faith just to start the conversation, and THAT causes things to move for you. And you don't have to have it all together to do so. Mind you, I didn't do anything to get all this stuff (at first). He just breathed life into my life and it started to take place.

I suggest you get off the internet and go talk. And then wait...and listen. He will speak you right up out of that brokenness, changing the ENTIRE trajectory of your year...

Here's to you, 2018!

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