the parable of the three children.

So, Maverick City & Dante. It's long over but I just need to say one more thing. BTW, although I disagree with decisions blah blah blah, it's MUCH BIGGER THAN THAT.

This blog is not about that. It's about the big picture, it's about us, as a whole.

This theme is an all too familiar matter in God's church & Christianity. And, I fear it's a mentality that is keeping us from 1) truly understanding the heart of God as beloved children (loving God), 2) truly seeing the grace we have been given (loving ourselves), and 3) truly being light to this world (loving people).

Yes, the MC story is over, but we have read it before and we will read it again but with new characters and new details. Yes, I've seen the alleged details of the old aforementioned story, but it's always the same general theme:

Christian is soaring.

Christian forgets to say grace over their snack, so the church gets all parenty and fussy & cancels said Christian.

Now, there are two sides of this response coin. You're either on the Protective Side - 'It's not just about love! You need to be holy. Stop watering down the gospel', or the 'Where is the LOVE? I'm scared to be myself in front of my own camp. They'll stone me if I burp too loud' side.

Which side you're on depends largely on things like how you grew up, what you've been taught, and subsequent experiences in adult years that have further fossilized that belief system.

It's hard to present truth when both sides think they are justified and correct. But I will still attempt it by presenting a parable. Keep in mind that your disagreement is fully permissible and welcomed, even.

We should mention though there is truth, and there is higher truth.

Truth: The person who hits my car deserves to be slapped

Higher Truth: Slapping said person won't help the situation

I could give tons more examples, even using Scripture, but I will move on. No one can speak for and represent God without knowing what He is like by His Spirit, in intimacy, not just words on a page. So I would like to present, in all humility, "God's side", as a Father.

To the Lovers' side, I say, God knows your heart. But like, for real. It's bigger than throwing that statement around to diffuse persecution from religious pressure. God actually does know the true intentions of your heart. He knows the genuineness of your motivations, words, deeds, and reasoning and therefore He is the only one who can judge whether it is the honorable truth for your life. Don't take this lightly! Continue seeking to know Him intimately, bringing Him into every area of your life and asking His guidance in your own life's story, as you study the stories in Scripture. Keep loving Him, loving yourself, and loving others well. He will defend your cause in the end.

To the Protectives, please hear me out. Although I am courageously asking you to view this from a different perspective, please note that it is still a reverent one.

Yes, reverent. Because I need you to know that we agree on the core fundamentals...