"get high, get by"

Updated: Oct 21

Recently, my Uncle Wayne passed away. He died of a drug overdose. I love him but we weren't close, so I'm not broken up. It's just sad that it came to that. Especially because he did love God, and left behind a wonderful family, including my now heavy-hearted mom.

I can't help but think, 'How did it get to that? Why couldn't he beat the drugs even though he was saved? Why do some people turn to drugs and alcohol, and some don't?

I will attempt to answer these questions by doing what I do best, sharing my unconventional experience on the matter. 😥🙃


The first thing I would like to address is that we should not get too caught up in the type of drug a person is into, as anything, yes ANYTHING can be a drug.







Social media.

Because they bring pleasure in the form of dopamine, any of these have addictive qualities when done in excess or for the wrong reasons, each with their own consequence.


Second, I'd like to address why we turn to substances or end our lives through substance abuse.

Surprisingly, this understanding came through my own bout with substances.

Just two years ago I was severely depressed. So much so that every night, when the sun would set, I would go out to my car, and do drugs until I was high enough to fall straight asleep quickly, and deeply.

I felt so convicted for doing this, as I was taught that this was a sin. That this was wrong. That God was not pleased with this and therefore, I could not touch him and He would not be near me in this state of utter weakness & helplessness.

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