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Updated: Oct 15, 2022


As a part of my May intentionality efforts, I decided to pray and journal before anything else this morning (because I saw Ash Elisé doing it and she inspires me :). Of course we know in our heads that we should do this, but seriously, probably only 30% of the Christian population does. #help

Anyway, this morning I asked God to help me get out of my head and do you know what He said?

"Instead of trying to get out of it, just change what's IN IT. Make it a good place to be."

S/N: This is something I just LOVE about God!!! His answers, His thoughts the ones from His spirit- not some of the religious ways we were taught to think He thinks- might REALLY SURPRISE YOU! I was like 'EUREKA!' LOL.

So for those of us "stuck in our head" always, let's stop trying to get out of there and learn how to work WITH who we are and how we operate. It's only negative to be stuck in there if there's negativity in there. What if it's a gift. A way to check out and go your imagination, in your encounters with the spirit realm and Heaven, in your creativity... Simply put, renew your mind.

That's what this month is about for me. Deconstructing and reprogramming. Take out the ugly things, insert the beautiful. Make it a carnival in that bih!!! Hope this helps <3 #cincodemayo

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