Updated: Oct 15


If you follow me and saw my Facebook LIVE about my efforts to consistently do six things this month, then you know where I'm at wit it. Here it is Day 9 and I can say I have EVERY SINGLE DAY done these things (in some shape or form):

  • Journal

  • Exercise (Walk the steps in my building)

  • Meditation/Affirmations

  • Post

  • Practice (Voice/Writing/Instrument)

  • Love & Be loved

I even started a private FB group simply called "May" for anyone who wanted to come along with me this month. This group has been a fantastic way to create intimate accountability as there are only 5 people in the group. They don't even know how much they have helped me to push! And just the responses from those who need this have helped me to stay consistent. I'm proud of myself, guys! Strength of character is developing in me and I can feel it. And I could not have done it alone. It really is much bigger than me...

There have been days within this 9-day period when I just didn't care to do my new feats. I would think to myself, 'It's okay if I don't today. It won't matter.' Then I got messages from people [left and below] about how they've been growing because of my taking the step to do this, and it completely shifted my perspective. It also reminded me of something I heard within my spirit some months ago that shook up my way of thinking (although not enough to provoke action at the time lol):


"Your thinking is small. When you ignore something and hope that it will fix itself, or go away, that is the result of selfish, small thinking. As if your decisions, neglect, actions, etc. do not trickle into everything around you.

If you only see yourself as a receiver and not a contributor, you see yourself too small."