The Unconventional Cure for Mental Health Nobody Is Talking About

Everyone is aware of this topic, I'm sure. I am no clinical psychologist, by far, but I would like to offer a recent experience of mine that changed my entire outlook on mental health.

This past few years of life have been extremely trying. I have never dealt with such extreme, intense emotional and mental battles in such a small amount of time. (S/N: If you can relate to this, comment below!) In my quest to understand, heal, and grow, I've had many a-chat with God.

A defining moment for me was one teary-eyed shower prayer session this past January [who knows about those ✋🏽] when He began to answer my cries for wisdom to break the emotional hold over my mind. I had been asking all the biggies- 'God what', 'God how', 'God when'- [I try not to ask "why" as that has never gotten the inquirer much response]. But the answer had finally come like thunder in my spirit..

He told me that a large reason for the perceived heaviness and unbreakable nature of my emotional battles is

too much self focus.

He continued explaining that I should be intentional to get out and connect with others. That I should make it a point to give of myself to someone who is in a position of need that I can fill. And by doing so, I would cause more superior or higher unseen feelings to rise up in my soul which would counteract the negative feelings (we will unpack this in a separate post).

RAW. 🤘🏽

That thing hit so hard. It was wise and yet very practical; something I could easily implement to start making progress. [Don't ask how long it took to implement tho🤫🤐]

Let's unpack this...

When you really start to break it down, the sadness, anxiety, fear, depression, anger, numbness, loneliness - whatever the emotion, it's most likely an emotion centered around YOU. Life is a nonstop circus of your tiredness, your work, your dreams, your goals, your pain, your best life, your soulmate, your family, your spirituality, your kids - YOUR YOUR YOUR YOUR YOUR! Is it any wonder it's hard to get out of a place like that?

We were not made to be so self-centered and detached from one another. Every thought, action, and feeling should not be going towards yourself. With that type of mentality, it's easy to get swept away in things that affect and pertain to your world only, while tuning out the people and the world around you that, whether you know it or not, are affecting and being affected by none other than wonderful you. In fact, I'd go as far to say that the things you lack can be found in the people around you.

We Are All Connected. Is it any wonder so many people feel alone???